Professional Pet Grooming Trimmer Kit Set

Professional Pet Grooming Trimmer Kit Set with Durable Stainless Steel 7-inch Cutting Scissors, Thinning Shear, Curved Scissors, a comb, Professional Grooming Suit for Dog or Cat At Home Repair Hair Cut

Product Description


  • ✔ A complete set of pet grooming scissors – including straight cut, shear thinning and shear, complete set, no worries no tools, make a great gift for pet lovers!
  • ✔ Comfortable and ergonomic – the tension can be adjusted by the knob, easily complete the trim of any hair style of the pet, saving you valuable time,
  • ✔ Sharp design – no longer worry, scissors stuck, cut constant trouble, perfect and easy pruning. It is very good.
  • ✔ High quality stainless steel blade – durable, pay attention to scissors for a long time do not use need oiling, will greatly prolong the life of your scissors,

Pet grooming dog right hand scissors, included 3 scissors and a comb. You can give your dog shearing with these scissors, to make your dog more cute and distinctive.
1) Material: High grade stainless steel with Electroplating finish, never rust
2) Sharp edge and strong
3) Thumb rest for your convenience
4) Adjust the tightness of scissors with the scissors monitor by yourself
Please note:
1. Please keep it out of children’s touch
2. While using the scissor, must not push the moving scissor with your thumb.
3. Don’t use the scissor to cut the air often.
4. Clean the scissor after using it.


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